Brand-new site & new ‘brand of brothers’ initiative undertaken

The Brothers Markle Inc would like to announce the completion of their brand-new website and extended ‘brand of brothers’ initiative. Drop in and explore!

Originality has always been the gold-standard hallmark of The Brothers Markle Inc. In fact, they are widely known within the industry – first and foremost – for their creativity and imagination. As an example, their current branding initiative zeros in on capturing the viewer’s attention in a fun, highly imaginative way, that both informs and entertains.


‘You have landed on our site map page’ (detail) is a fun, attention-grabbing graphic which presents our Site Map page in a unique, humourous fashion.


‘The Brothers Markle Inc. streetscape’ (detail) has been our official corporate masthead since 2005. We have since expanded upon the concept, as you can see elsewhere on this page.


‘Welcome to AwardTown’ (detail) is a fun, tongue-in-cheek way of reminding clients that The Brothers Markle Inc have won many awards in the sign industry.


‘Welcome to beautiful downtown DanTown’ (detail) implies that DanSign signage applications provide turnkey wayfinding solutions for mixed-use complexes, hospitals, institutions, office towers, condominiums and apartment buildings.


‘Out-of-this-world signage’ (detail) is the theme here, an extension of a DanSign branding initiative the Brothers undertook in 2008 (minus the aliens and astronauts; we updated the concept for our new web site) which included ads placed in the high-style architectural magazine Azure, a display at the OHA show, and an animated audio-visual presentation.

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