CosmoSign is a user-friendly signage system installed on a local server (LAN) or accessed via the internet



CosmoSign is a dynamic display framed within an architectural sign system.


CosmoSign operates from any PC in your organization. The system is simple and user-friendly. A user accesses the system with va personal password.

Videos, television and the internet can be accessed with CosmoSign. Information on arrivals and departures at your local airport can be displayed.


CosmoSign obtains information from most databases automatically. The system is compatible with MS Outlook, MS Exchange, MicrosFidelio, Techhotel and Lotus notes among others. News or changes are updated continuously.


The CosmoSign system software is installed on a local server (LAN) or is accessed via the internet. Mount the displays on, or recessed within walls, suspended from ceilings, or build a display into a monolith.


  • Monolith, wall sign, suspended sign and desk sign
  • Flat built-in screen sizes from 15Ó and upwards
  • Directory and wayfinding opportunities, welcome conference guests, company profile
  • Slideshow feature for promotional presentations, advertising, entertainment etc.
  • Information system for management of meeting rooms, special activities and events
  • Information on stock prices, currencies and exchange rates
  • Direct internet news