PlanSign is a complete modular sign system, ideal for all indoor & outdoor environments


With PlanSign, a comprehensive range of sign types and sizes can easily be combined in countless ways creating an elegant, uniform sign system for all indoor and outdoor environments.


This timeless, minimalistic design makes it ideal for any environment. The sign is bracket-mounted 5 mm off the wall, creating a cast shadow which produces an elegant floating effect.

Choice of Material

The sign series is made of 5 mm solid aluminium with a clear silver anodized finish that gives a hard and resistant surface. The choice of material makes the system suitable for indoor as well as outdoor environments.

Lock System

The magnetic lock system is simple. A hidden spring lock integrated in the sign locks the sign when it is mounted. The sign is released by use of the magnetic key.

Mounting of Signs

To mount a sign is easy. It is mounted on the hidden bracket by custom-made aluminium rivets that mesh with the grooves on the back of the sign.


  • Wall sign, projecting sign, suspended sign, meeting room sign and desk sign
  • PaperFlex sign for standard paper sizes for your own quick updating of information
  • Monolith as an information stand
  • PlanSign magnetic locking system. The locked sign is released by use of the magnetic key