Digital Signage Toronto

Digital Signage in Toronto

Signs are ubiquitous, yet an often ignored part of daily life.  Though they are seen everywhere, it becomes easy to take them for granted.  When choosing a sign, whether for public service or for a business, it is vital to select a good custom sign firm such as The Brothers Markle.

The latest technologies in the world of custom signs, is digital signage.  With this trend, signs have joined the future.  Various technologies such as projection, LCD and LED are used to put digital content, images, video and even audio on to signs, transforming them from static indicators into eye ball grabbing banners.

The attraction of digital signage is multi-fold.  Customers are increasingly choosing digital signage in Toronto.  These types of sign are a great way to bring your firm into the new age and give your brand a new, cutting edge image.  It is also a good way to differentiate a brand and stand out in the competitive marketplace.  The addition of images and videos makes a digital sign more visually appealing and even the most complicated message can be simply and effectively communicated by expressing it through technology.

There are significant differences between animation (similar to a waving flag or falling leaves in the background of a message) and full-motion video (which can be pre-recorded by a video camera).  Additionally, there are differences between animation and frame effects.  Frame effects are applied at the end of a message to help it transition from one message to the next.  An example would be, the fading out or dissolving of one message and then the fading in or dissolving into another message.  While animation and frame effects may be appropriate in typical commercial areas, full motion video might be reserved for downtown entertainment districts.

If you need high quality, smoothly functioning and easy to maintain digital signage in Toronto The Brothers Markle is your best bet.  We offer a wide variety of technologically advanced signs for a range of purposes.  Join the 21st century, call us!

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