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Neon Signs were invented by Georges Claude in Paris around the turn of the 20th century and quickly became a world-wide standard for illuminated signs.  Can you imagine Las Vegas, Times Square, the Ginza, or Piccadilly Circus without neon?  Neons popularity declined in the 1960’s as back lit fascias became the illuminated sign of choice.

In the late 60’s The Brothers Markle pioneered a renaissance in neon in Toronto and beyond.  We were doing neon super graphics when our peers were just discovering painted super graphics.

In 1970 we created The Electric Gallery in downtown Toronto quickly rising in acclaim around the world. We represented 70 artists from around the world and exhibited in the prestigious European Art Fairs, in Basel and Cologne.

When filmmakers in Toronto needed props for movies or TV shows about the future they came to us to rent props.  We also sold and built large neon commissions for many of our artist friends.

We have created miniature neon sculptures (hearts, flowers, flamingos, etc.) for home décor and neon addresses.  Neon can easily be animated with chasing and flashing effects.

Neon is a media that comes with a certain amount of vintage nostalgia.  It invokes the earlier days of technology when almost all shops and signs had gaudy, shining neon signs.  It is much less common now so a business sporting a neon sign has a very distinctive image that attracts people because of its humorous, youthful and yet old fashioned association.

No other media has the excitement of neon.  No wonder we are known as the Neon Brothers!

One comment on “Neon Signs Toronto
  1. Sydney Cowie says:


    I am reaching out to you on behalf of Caffe Demetre. We are a full-service dessert-only restaurant with 13 locations and growing, in the GTA. I am interested in getting a Neon sign made for one of our locations (potentially more for other locations down the road) to be mounted and displayed inside in our waiting area. I see that you have Neon Signs listed as one of the services that you offer, but I was wondering if you could send me some images of examples of past Neon signs you’ve done? If they’re along the lines of what we’re looking for than I will send over more information on what we’re looking for to get a quote.

    Looking forward to seeing what we can do together.



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