Sign Maintenance Toronto


An illuminated sign that is partially out or dirty is worse than no sign at all, for your sign is the first thing the public sees and it may actually influence viewers in a negative manner.

Signs that are lit by fluorescent (today the gold standard is LED lighting) fade a bit at a time (rather than go out suddenly so while a sign maybe fully lit, it can become very dim.)

At the end of the day, only a company such as ours, a reputable and reliable firm with a long history in the industry would be able to provide you with both high quality signs and top notch servicing.

We know how our competitors cut costs on signage manufacturing because we fix them all the time.

While new sign owners take pride in their new sign as time goes on the tendency is to give little attention to their sign.  That is why a service contract with The Brothers is beneficial.

At The Brothers Markle we offer maintenance agreements and full service for illuminated signage.  We have the necessary equipment and personnel to keep your image bright at all times – call us.  Let the brothers fix your image.

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