Signage Consulting Toronto


The Brothers Markle have been providing signage consulting since before there was such a term.

Over the years we have created signage design consulting for such epic sites as Sam the Record Man, Pantages, Cineplex, Manulife Centre, Region of York and many others.

In olden, simpler days, there was no need for wayfinding signage, as public spaces self-articulated their location and purpose.  Walk through a market and you progress from fruit sections to vegetables, to cheese, to fish, to meat, to grains, to clothing etc.  It was easy to navigate! Modern architecture has become more and more complex and therefore more confusing to visitors.

While this syndrome helps sign makers by requiring more and more signage to guide visitors, it does little for the visual environment and often offers scant help to the visitor.

Contrary to what most sign makers advocate, a good wayfinding solution will have as few signs as possible and those few will have reduced the information on them to its basic essence.

Whether it is a single sign or a multi-use facility we can create the signage design package at a reasonable fee and we know signage materials and fabrication methods.

When you need to tell people where to go, The Brothers Markle are the “go to firm” for signage design consulting in Toronto and beyond.

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