Vehicle Graphics Toronto

If it moves, we’ll letter it


We’ve never forgotten our roots, and still provide the best of the ancient and honourable craft of signwriting.  While our design drawings are computer generated, they are created by graphic designers who can still design with a pencil! We haven’t forgotten the past, but we’ve also moved into the future, offering state-of-the-art computer-cut graphics, including full-colour digital-imaging printing for front or back-lighting.

And by the way, with our drive-in facilities for vehicle lettering, we say: “If it moves, we’ll letter it”

A vehicle graphic can best be likened to an advertisement billboard, but unlike a static billboard, vehicle graphics move, which means that they can be seen by a far wider audience.  The best part is that you do not have to pay anything for the advertising space as you would have to with a static billboard.

With recent innovations in technology and graphic printing, vinyl can be applied not only to the solid panels of the vehicle, but also to the windows.  The vinyl applied to the windows have tiny perforations in them so that the occupants inside the vehicle can clearly see outside, while people looking at the vehicle from the outside will only see the graphic that you have put on your vehicle.  It is no wonder that vehicle graphics in Toronto, GTA and beyond have become so popular.

When considering a vehicle graphic, it’s wise to contact experts such as The Brothers Markle Inc., so we will assign a designer who not only understands the message you wish to convey, but the right tools will be used to complete a professionally finished job.

At the Sign Association of Canada Annual Design Contest, held in September 2007, we were honoured to win the Premiere (Gold) award for vehicle decoration (of our new company van, seen above) in a nation-wide competition. The original design (the Markle ‘streetscape’, seen elsewhere on the site) was created by Bill Chapman, and modified & produced for the truck by Sam Markle and Farida Makhmoutova.

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