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Way Findings

Most sign companies tackle this particular problem by installing as many signs as they can. However, this has the opposite of the intended effect. It can confuse and irritate the visitor.

At The Brothers Markle Inc., we understand that the best wayfinding signage will offer visitors what they are looking for without overwhelming them with too much information.

As people make their way through public buildings and other designed spaces, they have to navigate a complex series of paths and decision points.  They should be able to do so easily, getting to and from their destinations without frustration, disorientation or anxiety.  And they should be able to complete their journeys successfully regardless of any differences in physical or cognitive ability, education or experience.

Wayfinding or Directional signs was a term originally associated with travellers seeking routes through uncharted landscapes.  Over the past 50 years, it has evolved to become a very specific concept in the realm of architecture and environmental design.

The wayfinding process involves a series of decisions by which people moving through an environment can reach their desired destination.  Those decisions are guided by architectural features and space planning elements, as well as by recognizable landmarks.  They’re also supported by signage and other graphics communications and increasingly, by audible and tactile innovations that assist people with special needs.

To create an effective wayfinding play, our environmental designers begin by conducting a thorough analysis of the existing or proposed physical environment.  We identify and assess the full range of anticipated needs, problems and opportunities.  Then we create a comprehensive plan detailing all the specialized techniques and tools – including graphics communications – that can be deployed to orient and direct people.

When we are planning a wayfinding signage system, we take into account four very important aspects. First, the visitor needs to identify his or her location in the environment. This is followed by reinforcement as well as orientation in which the viewer understands exactly where they are and the direction which they are pointing. Finally, the viewer needs to know the direction which they should take in order to reach their destination. The Brothers Markle Inc. is considered to be the best consultant for directional signs or wayfinding signage in Toronto, GTA and beyond.

We also take into account, people with disabilities when performing studies to ensure that everyone can benefit from our research. It is simply unacceptable to design a signage system that doesn’t include people with special needs. (ODA)

With our help, architects and planners are able to make sure they have wayfinding signage that is correct and can be understood by each and every member of society.